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Now imagine for a moment that you’ll be married in the next two years.

For some college students, the thought of committing to a serious relationship is terrifying, which is why College Magazine—and fellow students—weighed in on the topic to shed some light on why we seem more apt to propose “Netflix and Chill” than an engagement ring.

Catching someone’s eye in a bar, because you aren’t looking down at your phone, striking up a conversation – whether you are a guy or a girl – and then using charm and minor flirtation via words and body language will be the winning factors when succeeding in the dating game.

Most people have forgotten the art of conversation and hell, even the first step to getting there because it didn’t involve swiping on their profile picture to highlight interest.

[1] Far from being ‘creepy’ or antisocial, the movie shows how technology can facilitate healthy romantic relationships.

Fast forward to now - some 15 years later - and technology-facilitated dating has evolved dramatically. In just the past 5 years, we have transitioned from a website industry (e.g., e Harmony, Jdate) to a landscape that now includes specialized mobile dating applications (apps).

That a young man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife is really no more than a home truth of the sort bandied about between women like Mrs Bennet.

And yet - is the young man with the large fortune in this case in want of a wife? It seems that women like Mrs Bennet - and like your mother and mine - do know a thing or two after all!

In Persuasion, Austen shows us the womanly fortitude of Anne Elliot is far superior to the girlish shenanigans of Louisa Musgrove.

Time-tested rules are never secret, rather, they are universally acknowledged.

Jane Austen's England had little of the prudery of the Victorian age, when even the legs of the piano had to be dressed up!

If the date went well, and the couple wished to take their relationship to the next level, they declared themselves “going steady,” or “getting pinned” and arranged a schedule for dates and phone calls.

“Getting pinned” usually led the couple to the next level: engagement and eventually, marriage.

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He can’t get enough of you and lets you know every chance he gets… You don’t know what’s wrong but he’s not […] This one is kind of my pet peeve… They say, “Marni, I just don’t get it…” “I’m amazing… Some […] Let’s say you meet a man and he’s got it all going on… ” The first question you need to answer is — do you trust yourself? If you’re going to date with dignity (and I hope you are)…

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  3. Taken from Matt Chandler's sermon "The Role of Men Part 2: Men as ... Description: () Martin Collins, concluding the series on dating and marriage, asserts that pre-marital sex during the courtship or dating period leads to long-term devastating effects, and never leads to adjustment in marriage.