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A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the lack of interracial couples on YA book covers.I asked readers in the comments to share any they could think of, and Libertad Araceli Thomas, who I had the honor of meeting at Kid Lit Con in 2014, commented with a long list. This is an outstanding look at interracial romance in YA (and a little middle grade, too! She knows her stuff, and anyone looking for books with or featuring interracial romance — you can do no better than this!The first anti-miscegenation law in the United States was passed in the state of Maryland as early as 1664 and by the 1700s a total of six states had enacted laws prohibiting all nonwhite groups, including blacks, native Americans, and Asians, from marrying whites.

Throughout history, interracial marriages have been banned and restricted because certain nations, like Germany during the Nazi period and South Africa under apartheid, promoted the concept of racial purity.

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