Bosnian dating customs

I think an experience like that would shape the way he would love and the way he would like to be loved. I will be returning to the US soon for work, and I want him to want me after. What a very specific and obscure target audience for this question.I don't expect you to get even 3 answers from people who are actually Bosnian men.Also, American women are really different culturally from the rest of the world when it comes to relationships.They date waaaay more people than any other girls, which is kind of strange.Slippers are generally provided by the host when you visit Bosnian homes.Family Life in Bosnian Culture Elders are respected in Bosnian culture and are considered extremely important members of the family.

But with the minor language (translation) barriers, and maybe he too has been told that American woman are garbage, I just want him to know I am sincere in my affection and that I have the highest respect for him. I know that there will be some American guys that will have good tips, but I need it from a man who might have a similar cultural experience, where he had to leave his Country (B & H) as a 15 year old boy because of the conflicts during that time.Quite different from many in their surroundings, and actually it's the customs that reflect their unique view on life.I know every nation is unique for itself, but Bosnia is a mixture of different nations, religions and backgrounds, so it is 'more unique' than some other countries.If you type in 'bosnian customs&traditions' into the search engine, you'll come up with a lot of links to choose from.Here's a short one from a native Bosnian in a Global Journalist: Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country of many and different traditions, but all of the people share a somewhat laid-back attitude toward life.

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