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You would think homegirl had a career like Christina Milian and needed to sex these guys for a hit record, but no she’s just a recording studio THOT!Remember rapper Yung Berg's alleged baby mama, Beanna, who blasted him months back about being a deadbeat and not taking care of his 7 year old son who has autism?Yung Berg -- the rapper who stars on "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" -- was arrested in NYC early Wednesday for allegedly brutalizing his girlfriend, and the charge is "obstruction of breathing" ... Berg -- aka Hitmaka -- and the woman were at the Gershwin Hotel when they got in an argument ...where he allegedly grabbed her by the neck, threw her to the floor, dragged her by her hair and hit her in the face.They later parted ways, mainly as friends,because the two girls were dating each other.Which Casha has stated in a blog that she has nothing against Homo-Sexaul people. and from what we are all seeing it was the best thing for Casha to do.Her debut album will be released sometime in later 2008/2009.* Casha's Favorite Colors are Pink and Black Artist descriptions on are editable by everyone. All user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.

And then he dated America's Next Top Model winner Jaslene, but now he's looking for a girl. And then he dated America's Next Top Model winner Jaslene, but now he's looking for a girl.

Well she's back and trying to land some money for modeling...because she says Berg still isn't taking responsibility and helping her with their son who has special needs. Beanna Mc Ferren already put Yung "My Chain Gets Snatched Everyday" Berg on blast last October about dismissing his 7 year old son, Lamont, who Beanna claims is his. And now, she says Berg still hasn't taken responsibility or paid a dime in child support. So, since Beanna has a child with special needs, she says she now has to model for friends of hers in order to make money.

And she needs attention and publicity and Berg's exposure in order to get what she feels she deserves. She sent over her "modeling pics" she did for a friend's new clothing designs based on Berg's chains he stays getting snatched.

However, as evidenced by the trailer for his new TV Show, titled "Back In Business", it will no longer be a dating show.

CASHA's Monet Darjean (born August 25, 1986)Casha, is an American singer from Los Angeles.

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