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Her parents didn't realize that their daughter was undergoing verbal and mental abuse.In testimony before a state legislative committee, Barbara said she found out later, from Cassie, that Neuendorf would tell her such things as she wasn't pretty enough for anybody else to love.What if Harry wasn't so resigned to his death and wanted to live?With one simple change in mindset, the whole universe changes.When she was 14, she met Justin Neuendorf, a former altar boy at her church, who was three years older than she was.For the next year, she went out with him off and on.On December 4, 1999, after nearly a 3 year battle with local authorities in Soda Springs, Idaho, her 17 year old daughter, Cassandra Cassie Marie Dehl, a high school senior, was killed by her abusive older boyfriend.After several years of beatings and attempted strangulation at the hands of her boyfriend, Cassie died.

Bell's parents divorced when she was two years old, and she was raised by her Iranian mother, grandmother and grandfather, with the family eventually moving to California's San Fernando Valley. In her teenage years, she came under the influence of her California surroundings, explaining, "I am definitely a Valley Girl. I liked to skateboard, play football, and push the envelope a little bit." Bell enrolled at UCLA, where she considered a career in medicine or research.

My favourite fandoms are Dragon Age, Harry Potter, Avengers, Naruto, Percy Jackson, Mass Effect, Hobbit, Hitman Reborn and Teen Wolf.

What if something different happened in the Chamber of Secrets?

Her boyfriends truck plunged 400 feet from a forest service road into an old abandoned mining pit.

Cassies abusive boyfriend was not in the truck as it crashed down the embankment, but Cassie was.

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This accident was not reported for more than 15 hours and the fact that Cassie was in the wreckage and left at the scene was not reported for nearly 18 hours.

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