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ey everyone, a relic of barbarism is making a comeback!If the reference is lost on you, I am referring to an expression from the mid-1800s, when the Republican party was established to replace the Whigs on the platform of eradicating what party leaders such as Abraham Lincoln coined “the twin relics of barbarism.” The first of those relics was polygamy, seen as a system that was fundamentally oppressive to one of the two sexes: women.Maybe I’m picky, maybe I’m just a hater, but I’m so not enthused by a ton of style related bloggers and Instagram folks. Not everything will be to your taste, but you’re going to definitely get some style ideas. Mermaidens Maybe I’m biased because I know for a fact that Kailey is awesome, but I wouldn’t mention her Instagram account if she wasn’t also one of the cutest, quirkiest dressers I’ve ever known.So many of them are only really focused on what’s on trend. If I wanted to know what was on trend, I’d open a magazine or go on some mainstream fashion site. She manages to make even the most basic, ultra feminine items look whimsical. Inu-Inu Honestly, I haven’t even bought anything from this shop yet.Hands up those of you who had a female teacher at school that looked like the beautiful Anna? Hands up those of you who had a slightly overweight, sensibly dressed, bespectacled, middle aged woman named Miss Wilson, or something like that, when they were at school?

You have nothing to lose and you sure could use some excitement in your life, right?

Is it time that marriage laws come to recognise the fact? You might be reading this and asking yourself, “What the what?

” But this has been coming down the pike for years.

It doesn’t update a billion times a day or anything, but I can safely say that every post is q-u-a-l-i-t-y! So if you like some weird style, weird selfies, and kawaii-inspired posts with a twist, you deffo need to follow her. If you don’t get any style inspo out of it, you’ll at least get inspired to make your feed look as pretty.

Which other Instagram accounts should we have mentioned?

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I always knew that Tokyo and its neighborhoods harbored some folks with some seriously out there fashions, but this account does an awesome job of showing how style diverse this city is.

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