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As 32-year-old Mona Banerjee found, " Tinder is full of married people and people who weren't even interested in having a conversation." She swiped left on Tinder's profile. On social media platforms like Facebook it aggressively promotes stories of Tinder matches that led to marriages.

People who met through the app and ended up with a house in the suburbs, a dog named Biscuit and a bun in the oven. But, last November, in a bid to add substance to looks, the app gave users the option of adding education and work background in profiles. When a Vanity Fair article titled 'Tinder and the Dawn of the 'Dating Apocalypse' ripped apart "short-term dating strategy" encouraged Tinder and its ilk, the app went ape-s**t on Twitter.

The simplest thing you can do to show that is a smile,' she explained.'The hottest trait is availability so you want to make sure you're approachable.' She also said that if someone makes the effort to approach you, you need to acknowledge the huge amount of courage it takes for them to do so.

'If someone approaches you say something to move the conversation forward.' If you're now at the point where you're both engaging in conversation Ms Holloway recommends that you look down at the other persons feet when they're talking to you to gauge their interest.'In body language the feet never lie.

I once drove down to Devon with another comic, Javier Jarquin.

We were booked to do a small gig in some quiet suburb of nowheresville.

Unlike other skinny celebrities who like to have Size 0 figures, Kat has embraced herself and looks awesome in just about anything she wears.

Over the last few years there has been an influx of dating apps, but dating seems to be more complicated than ever before.

On the other end of a swipe is not just a potential lover; there's mother, father, sister, brother and aunties who ask "beta, when is your turn?

We arrived early and were greeted at the door by an older gentleman who identified himself as Don, the promoter.

“We’re still waiting for the audience to arrive,” he informed us, in a thick Devonshire accent.

When I was signing up I knew it would basically be a tall people forum, and now that it is confirmed, why is the name so?

Is it just an assumption that tall people have bigger feet? However, if there is anyone out here with oversized feet for their height, let me know!

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