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And yes, if the price goes down, we'll honor the new lower price. Please note that 2018 departures are subject to itinerary and price modification, but by booking and depositing today, you will lock in your price.

On both islands, you'll dine at a local restaurant, where you'll sample the local specialties.With a reputation for being notorious Lotharios, most treat women like fresh meat out of the boat; they appear starved of female companionship and a woman is like a beautiful siren calling them to their deaths.Initially they will treat you like a goddess, but keeping their attention can be problematic; that first burst of wild untamed passion can soon slide into apathy and misogynistic expectations if you don’t keep them on their toes. Larger homes might have several bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathing room, a woman's sitting area, a men's dining room, and one or two rooms for storage. When the boys were old enough, they joined their fathers in the barracks.Because women were only allowed to leave their homes for short periods, and only if they had their husband's permission, they could always enjoy sitting outside in the privacy of their courtyard. It was up to the women, and injured or very old men, to keep the community going while the men were gone.

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They probably sat in the shade, because a pale complexion was a sign of beauty to the ancient Greeks, but at least they got fresh air.

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