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The t-shirt, created by women's clothing outlet Glassons, drops the 'G' from the originally designed Gucci classic, and replaces it with an 'H' - re-labelling the shirt 'Hucci'.In a caption on the Glassons website the t-shirt's description reads: 'No gucci, HUCCI.' The word 'hucci' bears a likeness to the word 'hoochie' which is a new-age term described as a woman who is known to be promiscuous, according to Urban Dictionary.It came out shortly after the vinyl in 2001 and was limited to only 200 copies (mine's #147), and was mainly just available through Anticon-friendly online stores like Atak.

An Australasian clothing retailer has released a new take on a vintage Gucci tee which is almost identical to its high-end predecessor.

The Gucci garment is made from cotton and features small holes in the fabric to complete the vintage look.

Glassons have used the same font and colouring for the words as well as the red, green and gold lining underneath.

Gucci's print cotton t-shirt retails for 0 versus the Glassons version which retails for .99.

Young social influencer and photographer Loic Quédec was quick to point out the luxury brand knock-off citing 'Is this a joke? Others agreed there was a cringe-worthy resemblance, with one commenter suggesting perhaps the two t-shirts had come from the same factory.

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