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Playing a couple in KBS' weekend drama 'The Laurel Tailor's Gentlemen' which concluded on February 26, it appears the two naturally grew close while working together on the set.It was also reported that the staff had suspected something had been going on between the two, however, did their best to keep it a secret. On the first episode of the new KBS 2TV drama "Queen for 7 Days", Sin Chae-kyeong (Park Min-young), Lee Yeok (Yeon Woo-jin) and Lee Yoong (Lee Dong-geon) got mixed up with each other. He was getting married to Sin Soo-geun's (Jang Hyeon-seong) daughter Sin Chae-kyeong. Before her execution was taken out, Sin Chae-kyeong said, "I will never meet him again if I'm reborn". Lee Yoong was getting ready for Lee Yeok's (Baek Seung-hwan) wedding.

During tv N’s Always Cantare’s second episode, airing on December 12 at p.m.

This day’s broadcast will show Henry keeping his violin in his hands at all times despite his busy schedules, in the waiting room and in the van, doing his best for the upcoming charity orchestra concert. G’s Benji, EXID’s Hani, ZE: A’s Hee Cheol and more will be taking a special camping trip and receive training from the orchestra members and professionals.

Meanwhile, the celebrity members of Always Cantare will begin a higher-level practice along with Maestro Nanse Gum. The production team of Always Cantare stated, “EXID’s Hani’s lips were all chapped from practicing the clarinet all day and Hee Cheol also received personal training before the camping trip, showing their burning passion.” Always Cantare is a four episode long reality show about celebrities and citizens forming an orchestra under the direction of Maestro Nanse Gum, in order to present a charity concert.

Young Sin Chae-kyeong (Park Si-eun-I) dressed up as a man and headed for Hanyang with her babysitter.

The photos were revealed through Park Geon Hyeong’s agency, Namoo Actors, on October 16, showing Park Geon Hyeong in constant smiles as he stood in front of the camera with his young bride.

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