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What it normally means: A place where you gather around with friends to tell scary stories and eat s'mores.

What it means to volleyball players: A defensive breakdown that leaves everyone telling each other "I thought YOU had it." What it normally means: That thing you drown in Buffalo sauce and eat on Sundays while watching football.

Lifting--even for young athletes just starting their athletic career--is a crucial training tool for building that strength foundation needed to out-jump, out-cut, and out-sprint opponents.

Here are my top 3 reasons volleyball players should spend more time in the weight room--now! Strength and Power It may seem like a no-brainer, but if you want to be a strong and powerful player, resistance training is how to do it.

Lifting weights stimulates muscle fibers to grow in size (hypertrophy), to produce more force per contraction (strength), and to fire at faster rates (power). The push press helps develop powerful hip extension in concert with explosive shoulder and upper-back strength.

This exercise is an especially good choice for volleyball athletes, and will help strengthen the muscles most often used in setting and spiking the ball.

What it means to volleyball players: That feeble attempt you make at digging a ball so your coach doesn't yell at you for snoozing.

What it normally means: That foul-smelling surprise that makes you retch when you enter a sketchy public restroom stall.

Indoor volleyball players are (on the whole of course) fit, athletic, yet still curvy and not ripped like gymnasts and beach volleyball players.

Volleyball is a tough sport, demanding speed, agility, and explosiveness all in one athlete.

Ask any pro where they built those traits, and they'll tell you: in the weight room.

Volleyball players are hit or miss, but at least most good volleyball players are quite a bit older. unfortunately, for whatever reason, they often don't.

I've no doubt they can, but for whatever reason, by their mid-twenties, the extremely competitive ex-gymnasts often seem misproportioned and slightly overweight.

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