Who is joe budden currently dating

However, they had kept their relationship a secret in the beginning.

They flirted openly on their Twitter and posted photos of ‘dates’ on their Instagram profile, but neither of them had accepted that they were dating.

The two former stars of Love & Hip Hop have been awfully comfortable, and the blogs have been watching.

I’ve known Joe for like six years and never looked his way." Santana is most known for her relationship with Erica Mena that was documented on but she is back to dating guys and her family is loving every second of it.

She really disowned me but then I explained to her that this is just how the world I’m in works and now she loves it and supports everything.

Santana and Budden’s relationship got confirmed when Santana posted a romantic photo with an amazing caption on Budden’s Birthday on 1st September. You're special @joebudden please don't ever forget that ?? Do you think that they will marry in the near future or do you think they won't last long?

Thus, we can confirm that they are in a romantic affair. A photo posted by Cyn Santana (@cynsantana) on Since this couple is just at the beginning phase of their relationship, there are no rumors of a breakup between them.

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