Who is sandra lee from food network dating

Famous TV chef Sandra Lee had a rough go of things for a good couple of years.

The Food Network host and author of 25 books was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2015 and underwent a double mastectomy. And while we may not be privy to the likes of Andrew Cuomo’s net worth or if he’ll one day become Sandra Lee’s husband, we still have some tidbits about the man and his relationship with the famed cook to share with you, right here in our Andrew Cuomo wiki!

PHOTOS: Friendliest celeb exes "I’m really happy for them.

He’s a great guy, he deserves all the happiness in the world, and he’s a terrific father so I’m really really happy," the celebrity chef, who was married to Joel from 2004 to 2009, told The "Uptown Girl" singer married the Food Network star when she was just 23 and he was 55.

The action comes less than a month after a Journal News investigation revealed that Lee, the host of four television shows on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel, had carried out extensive renovations at the home without getting building permits for the work and without triggering any increase in the home's taxable value.

The improvements were widely covered in profiles of Lee in USA Today and Vogue, among others.

But while that should’ve been the end of it, the procedure ended up causing a massive infection that required surgery. At age 59, Andrew Cuomo is currently serving as the 56th Governor of the state of New York–and that’s a pretty important role!

Assessors do not have a right to inspect a home's interior and Platz said in this case he was denied access."I was forced to estimate what I thought they had," Platz said.

It's not a diva-like, take-control gesture; it's a let's-get-it-done, here's-how gesture. "She was very can-do, someone who would just steamroll ahead and make things happen," remembers Sandra.

"She showed me how things can be special and meaningful without costing a lot of money." Lorraine also welcomed Sandra and Cindy into her kitchen, letting the girls help out whenever she baked for church bake sales or to make gifts for family and friends.

In addition to Lee and Brinkley, whom he divorced in 1994, Joel first married Elizabeth Weber Small in 1973 and they split in 1982.

PHOTOS: Stars who date models He has been dating Roderick since his divorce from Lee in 2009.

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